Vergola’s versatility to shape any space.

Vergola® can be built to any style whether flat, raked or gabled. From single bays to multiple bays Vergola’s can be designed into the smallest odd shaped opening to covering large areas.

Single Bay

Multiple Bay


Multiple Bay




Customisation & Integration

Vergola® adjustable roofing system can be incorporated into a range of structures. Vergola® can either be freestanding or part of an existing building. Through integrating Vergola® into new home designs or new renovations projects, the full potential of the lifestyle benefits can be experienced.

The use of a range of architectural fittings and facilities ensure that Vergola® structures fit the most exacting and contemporary architectural designs, while still being able to integrate seamlessly into period styles.


Fixed on one side

Fixed on two sides




Vergola Gold Coast Brochure
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Watertight guttering and flexible framework

Specially designed gutters are fitted along the inside perimeter of the framework to ensure the Vergola® structure is watertight, and water is safely run off into downpipes. The gutters are also manufactured using Colorbond®.

The frame can be timber, steel, aluminium or any other structure that complies with local building codes. Timber allows Vergola® to complement pergolas or be integrated into traditional built structures.

Steel structures enable a Vergola® to be customised in various sizes and architectural styles. In Australia, Vergola® structures are generally constructed using preferably galvanised C Purlins which allow for long uninterrupted spans.

Automated control options

The automated control unit ensures that the Vergola® can be operated by remote which allows smooth and secular operation of the louvres. Operate up to eight bays individually or automatically.

Options include: timers, home automation compatibility and fire system connectivity for commercial premises.