A quality Australian designed & made product.

Vergola® was Australia’s first opening and closing louvre roof system when it was invented in 1984.
So, why is the original Vergola® still the best?
Made of longer-lasting Australian-made Colorbond® and Australian manufactured Cyclone rated high quality Aluminium Blades.

While other louvre systems use cheaper aluminium alternatives, Vergola® continues to use the superior Australian-made BlueScope® Colorbond® that is the roofing material of choice for nearly half of all new Australian homes and over 80% of all Australian gutters and fascias. Colorbond® steel complies with building standard AS2728.

  1. Colorbond® is manufactured from Zincalume® steel with an aluminium/zinc/magnesium alloy coating that is stronger and longer – lasting than aluminium
  2. A conversion layer is applied to the steel surface to improve adhesion
  3. Colorbond’s Super Polyester coating technology ensures the Vergola’s finish retains its ‘as new’ look for longer
  4. Exterior grade paint is baked on to the Zincalume® steel base giving Vergola® resistance to chipping, peeling and cracking that is superior to powder-coated aluminium louvres
Double-skin aerofoil louvres create better insulation.

Vergola’s unique double-skin aerofoil-shaped louvre creates an insulating air-gap to keep you cooler in summer and warmer in winter than single-skin aluminium louvre systems.

When heating your outdoor living space, Vergola’s double-skin aerofoil louvres (left) reduce heat loss through the roof to keep you warm.

Vergola’s double-skin aerofoil louvres (left) reduce heat radiation to the living space below to keep you cool.

Vergola Gold Coast Brochure
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Superior quality for Queensland’s coastal areas.

Vergola Brisbane also manufactures high quality Australian made Aluminum cyclone wind rated blades (James Cook University), suitable for apartment high wind living and Queensland costal areas.

Lets in the greatest amount of natural light

Maximum natural light, diffused light and full shade. Fully open the Vergola® allows 89% of all available light, more than any other louvre system.

Maximum airflow & wind protection

Maximum airflow for cooling breezes or wind protection. Vergola® louvres are manufactured to withstand cyclones and comply with building standards – AS1562 and AS1170.2.

99.9% weatherproof

Vergola’s interlocking design allows the louvres to close into a roof that is 99.9% weatherproof to protect you during rain.

Smart rain sensor technology

Vergola’s state-of-the-art rain sensor closes the louvres at the onset of rain and can be programmed to stay shut or reopen after rain.